WE ARE a volunteer-driven, community coalition that could use your support


Please consider sharing your time and talents with us — and with our community. Join us at one of our monthly coalition meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 9:00AM. All meetings are held at Wayland High School in the Faculty lounge and are always open. Also visit our calendar to see when and where you can join WaylandCares in the community!


– Create coalition materials, messaging & articles to share witht the community
– Work to develop social norms messaging and campaign materials
– Create content for the coalition’s newsletter
– Create Website, Blogs & Online Media Content

Assessment/Evaluation Committee

– Work with professional researchers to evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, tools and data
– Work with the survey committee to modify and parent survey tools to be administered during the school year

Membership Committee

Help get more parents, youth and community members involved with WaylandCares. Do you have contacts with the following people, or are you willing to serve as a liaison with them?

– Elementary school parents, elementary PTOs
– Middle School parents, Middle School PTO
– Youth
– High School parents, WHSPO, Boosters, CAPA
– Wayland Clergy
– Wayland Business Association and Wayland businesses

Program Committee

– Host a Parent Coffee
– Plan educational events for parents and our community
– Plan programming for middle school and high school students

Interested In volunteering?

Email Wayland_Cares@waylandk12.ma.us for more information


Your generous donations are accepted to help educate our community on how to stay healthy.